Easy Winter Crafts

Entertain yourself and others during the chilly months with easy winter crafts. Plan winter crafts for adults at your house, a community center, or a retirement home. Show examples of completed winter crafts in advance to give the adults an idea of the finished product.

Share these creative winter craft ideas with family and friends:

  • Candleholder: Add a little sparkle to winter with these beautiful, homemade winter craft candleholders. First, gather the materials, which include polymer clay (Sculpey III or Fimo), scissors, wax paper, a star cookie cutter, a pencil, a glass baking dish, and taper candles. Lay down a piece of wax paper and knead the clay. Next, roll out the clay so it is one inch thick. Use a drinking glass or marble rolling pin (the clay will stick to a wooden rolling pin). Use the cookie cutter to cut out a star shape. Next, make a hole in the center with a pencil and gradually make it big enough to hold a taper candle. Ensure it is a perfect fit, and then place the star in the baking dish. Bake the candle holder for around 30 minutes, or the amount of time stated on the clay instructions. Once cool, place a candle in the candleholder, and use an unbaked piece of clay to hold it in place.
  • Snowman on a Stick: Keep your indoor plants company this winter with a winter craft idea such as a snowman on a stick. Gather your supplies: a large craft stick; white, black, and red acrylic paint; small and medium paintbrushes; red ribbon; a small jingle bell; red knitted tube (1 ¼"); red embroidery floss; and craft glue. Now it’s time for the fun to start! Use the white acrylic paint and paint the snowman on both sides of the craft stick. Next, cut the knitted tube to 3" in length, and roll the piece of tubing to create a cuff. Insert the dried craft stick and glue it with craft glue. Use the embroidery floss to tie off the top of the snowman’s hat. Use the small paint brush, dip it in the black paint, and create small dots for the snowman’s eyes. Use red paint to make the nose. Once dry, add a small white dot to the bottom right hand corner of the eyes and nose for extra details. Use black paint to make buttons for the snowman. String the jingle bell on to the red ribbon, and tie it around the neck of the snowman. Place the snowman on a stick in the pots of indoor plants, and enjoy!
  • Winter Cards: Craft beautiful winter cards to send to family and friends. Visit your local craft store and purchase pieces of navy blue cardstock paper. Search for white snowflake cutouts or stickers. Use the cutouts or stickers to create a border around the navy blue cardstock. Add wintery glitz, such as silver and white gems and glitter. Leave room in the middle of the cardstock, and write a note in silver metallic pen. If you don't have time to create your own cards, send beautiful free eCards with the look and feel of paper greeting cards!

Put the winter crafts to good use and give them as presents during the holidays. Wrap the candleholders in tissue paper, and place them in a decorative box; or add the snowman on a stick to a holiday plant. For another idea, make multiple winter cards, tie a ribbon around the group and put them in a holiday bag with tissue paper. Expect lots of compliments on your homemade creations!

You can also show off your creations during a festive holiday party. Send one of our free Christmas party invitation to kickoff your celebration!

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