"How To" Guide for Hosting Christmas

Christmas and all the winter holidays are fun, but they can be stressful, overwhelming, exhausting, and time-consuming too. When you're hosting Christmas, all of the above almost always applies! As a Christmas host, it's your job to make every one of your guests feel at home, comfortable, and entertained. Unlike other holidays, Christmas can be a multi-day affair so Christmas planning as a host needs to start early. An organized Christmas is usually a successful one. Think you're in need of a "how to" guide? Organize Christmas hosting this year with the helpful list below!

"How To" Guide for Hosting Christmas

A "How to" guide for hosting Christmas:

  • Make a master guest list around Thanksgiving-time. Send a free save the date, and ask everyone to RSVP.
  • Send invitations through Punchbowl at least four weeks before the big event.

    Free Christmas party invitations

    free Christmas invitations

  • Purchase decorations and supplies at least a few weeks in advance.
  • Arrange for local catering, food delivery, vendors, and staffing at least two weeks before the holiday.
  • If you're making all the food and drinks yourself, ask friends and family for help. Use lists and wake up early to prepare everything.
  • Arrange your home for hosting. Make sure there is a place for coats, enough parking and seating, and set up your food where everyone can see and access it.
  • Decorate the day before and always over-do it. It's better to take decorations down than have to add more right before a party.
  • Designate people to help with clean-up, gift organizing, coat-check, etc.
  • Send free ecards to say thank you for a wonderful Christmas once your guests have departed.

Hosting Christmas with family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors doesn't always have to be hard work. If you're organized, keep a level head, and remember to enjoy yourself, everything will go off without a hitch!

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