Poems for Valentine's Day

Poets have been writing about love since the beginning of time. This year, find your muse and surprise your loved one on February 14th with your very own poem for Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day poems are the perfect addition to a Valentine's gift or a gorgeous free Valentine's eCard.
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Below are some tips for writing poems for Valentine's Day, a few examples to inspire your creativity, and Valentine's Day cards to write your poems in then send by text or email.

Valentine Poems for Her 

Send a charming verse to your wife or girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. Sometimes short Valentine poems with just a rhyming couplet or two are the most meaningful. And don’t forget the power of the haiku! 

Always & Forever
Once upon a time, I fell in love with you.
And then one day we both said “I do.”
You are my joy and my light,
And though I’ll never say it quite right,
I am yours, for always and forever.

I kiss you today
and take in the Spring from your
cherry blossom love.

Valentine Poems for Him

For Valentines poems for him, tell the story of your first date in rhyming phrases or begin each line with a letter of his first name. 

Sweet & Kind
You are sweet, you are kind
I’m so glad to call you mine.
You are handsome, you are tall
You’re the best boyfriend of all.
And today I just want to say,
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hold my little hand,
beneath the velvet midnight.
I will dream of you.


Valentine Poems for Friends

If you want to send a little Valentine greeting to your friends or family members, write a couple cute Valentines poems to include. These can be as cheesy or classy as you like. Here are some sample Happy Valentine's Day poems. 

Lovely Valentine
To my lovely valentine,
please, oh please, be mine!
We are the best of friends,
together to the bitter end. 
And as this verse will show,
I really want you to know,
that I love you very much.
So please keep in touch!

Saint Valentine
On the feast day of Saint Valentine,
we give thanks for all the love in our lives.
I am so grateful to have your friendship
and to know that you’ll always be there.
Here’s wishing you every happiness,
and all the love in the world.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Once you’ve composed your Valentine love poems, add one to a beautiful free eCard and send it to your significant other, or to family and friends. Your messages of love and affection will be greatly appreciated!
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