Valentine's Day Craft for Kids

Kids love Valentine’s Day because it means candy, chocolate, and craft projects! Below are some fun activities to do with your kids this Valentine’s Day. You can hang the finished crafts on your wall as a piece of art or your child can give them away to a loved one as a gift.
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Heart Handprints

For this Valentine’s Day craft project all that you will need is acrylic paints, a piece of construction paper, yarn, marker, tape, and scissors. Have your child make a fist with their left hand. Paint one side of their hand (the side with the pinky) and the hand below it. Have them press their hand onto the construction paper, making the left side of the heart. Repeat with their right hand, creating the right side of heart on the construction paper. Have them write “Happy Valentine’s Day!” with a marker, sign their name, and decorate the heart. Cut a piece of yarn and tape it to the back of the paper so that you can hang it on a wall!

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Valentine’s Day Card Holder 

For materials, you will need a small box (tissue box or shoe box), paper, glue, scissors, and construction paper. Wrap the empty box with red, pink, black, or white construction paper. Cut a slit in the top of the box that is large enough to fit a Valentine’s Day card through the top. Cut out a large heart in a piece of construction paper and write your child’s name on it. Glue the bottom point of the heart to the back of the box. Decorate the outside of the box with glitter, stickers, lace, jewels, etc.
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Love Bug Valentine

You will need white construction paper, white printer paper, crayons or markers, tape, and 2 pipe cleaners for this Valentine’s Day craft. Help your child draw a bug body and head onto the construction paper, then cut them out. Color the bug using markers and crayons and draw on a smiley face. Staple the two bug bodies together. Cut out two small hearts using another piece of construction paper and glue each of them to one of the pipe cleaners. Glue the pipe cleaners the back of the head of the bug as its antennas. Once all of the glue has dried, write a message on the bug body and give it as a valentine!
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Valentine Hat

The materials that you will need for this Valentine's craft project include: white poster board, glue, scissors, stapler, 2 red pipe cleaners, and red and pink construction paper. Cut a strip of poster board about 2 inches wide and long enough to fit around a child’s head. Twist the paper into a circle shape and staple the edges together to form a hat. Cut out small hearts from the red and pink construction paper and glue them to the hat. Glue the two pipe cleaners on opposite sides of the hat. Cut out two larger red hearts and glue them to the top of the pipe cleaners so that they look like antennas. You can also use other materials to decorate like lace, glitter, and jewels.

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Valentine's Day Crafting Party

Want to host a Valentine's Day crafting party? Send digital Valentine's Day party invitations by text or email to gather your child's friends for a fun time together.
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