Winter Après Ski Party

Popular anywhere people enjoy skiing, après ski refers to going out, having drinks, dancing, and generally socializing after a day on the slopes. After their last run, skiers often stop by a bar while still wearing their gear. While you may not be able to make a trip over to Europe, bring this destination closer to home by hosting an après ski party! And don't worry - even if you don’t live near the mountains, you can make the after-ski party theme work anywhere there is snow!

Après Ski, Snowshoe, Skating, or Sledding

The Après Ski party is a fun and unique theme for a winter get-together that will encourage guests to embrace the season and its chilly weather. Don't worry, you don't have to ski world-class downhill resorts to plan these fun winter events. You can plan a Skating party, or a Showshoeing event to make your party theme more accessible to all your friends and family. Lots of arenas and ice-skating venues rent skates, snowshoeing is the winter sport that almost anyone can do, and anywhere you can find a hill, you can go sledding/tobogganing. 

 To get started with your planning, gather inspiration by checking out the following après ski party ideas:

  • Après Ski Decorations: To obtain the right atmosphere, recreate a ski lodge as your party venue. One way to accomplish this is with a few well-placed winter sport accessories. Prop skis against one side of the mantle and lean poles against the other. Build a fire and set a pair of boots in front so it looks like somebody just came in from the cold. Next, hang ice skates instead of stockings from the fireplace. If you have snowshoes or an old-fashioned toboggan, these can also add to the ski lodge theme. Hang signs on the walls with the names of famous ski mountains around the world. Place large pillar candles around your home so that the flickering light evokes a warm glow. This cozy hideaway will bring people together and get them in the winter spirit.
  • Après Ski Music: Traditionally, après ski music consists of covers or parodies of old songs. But you can stream your favorite upbeat or traditional music - whatever suits your taste and will set the right ambiance for your gathering.
  • Après Ski Menu: Serve comforting and heart-warming foods to your cold (and ravenous) guests when they return from their outdoor activities. French Onion Soup, chicken pot pie, creamy risotto, chili, and baked mac and cheese are all good options. You can also set up a fondue station with melted cheese as a savory option and a chocolate fountain for dessert.
  • Après Ski Drinks: Delicious beverages will keep your guests toasty throughout the celebration. Mexican hot chocolate garnished with cinnamon sticks is a yummy non-alcoholic drink. For spiked treats, show off your bartending skills with hot buttered rum, Irish coffee, or “Peppermint Patty” cocktails (1 shot white creme de menthe, 1 shot white cream de cocoa, and a cup of cocoa powder mixed in a mug and topped with whipped cream).
Your après ski party is nearly finished—just ask your guests to help you complete the picture. Party attire guidelines can include woolly sweaters and furry hats. Another fun idea is to turn the heat off in your house and ask them to come dressed in their ski attire. Be sure to have a camera on hand to capture images of your event and compile them in a shared album to relive the memories for years to come.
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