Winter Crafts for Little Ones

Bring smiles to the faces of little ones with winter crafts for preschoolers! Plan fun, easy, and age appropriate crafts that allow the kids to express their creativity. Plan a winter craft for kids such as making a snowman, snowflake, or a book.

Try out these winter crafts for kids:

  • Snowman: Keep the kids entertained during the winter months with a paper plate snowman craft. Use a large, white paper plate for the bottom snow ball. Glue a small white dessert plate to the top edge for the head of the snowman. Provide googly eyes, round stickers for the buttons, and yarn for the mouth. Let the kids decorate the snowmen with glue sticks and silver glitter.
  • Snowflake: Plan preschool winter crafts such as beautiful snowflakes. Arrange popsicle sticks so they create an “x.” Next place a popsicle vertically through the middle of the “x" so you have a six-pointed snowflake. Once dry, have the kids paint glue over the popsicle sticks, and then sprinkle silver glitter over the glue to cover the snowflake. Attach pieces of fish wire to the tops of the snowflakes and hang them from the ceilings, door knobs, and windows (with the help of suction cups).
  • Book: Be creative with winter crafts for kindergarten tykes. Let the kids use their imaginations and write a book about a winter wonderland. Have each child write and illustrate his or her own book, or have each child write and illustrate one page, and combine all of the pages together. Create a cover page and think of a title for the book together. Spend one-on-one time with each child and help with the writing portion of the book. Once complete, read the book aloud to all of the kids or give it to grandparents for a present.
Tweak the winter crafts for toddlers based on their preferences, fine motor skills, and abilities. Ready to get the party started? Send one of our adorable FREE Christmas party invitations to invites friends over for a fun day of crafting!

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