Winter Fundraiser Ideas

There's no reason to stop doing good when it becomes cold outside. Everyone is tempted to curl up at home and hibernate, but it's about as good a time as any to have a winter party with a purpose. Hosting winter fundraisers gives friends and family an excuse to get out of the house and be an active part of their community. People also tend to focus just on family during the winter months due to the holidays, but this is usually the time when the less fortunate really need help and these simple fundraising ideas will get the ball rolling.

Here are some fun and very easy winter fundraising ideas and winter fundraiser themes:

  • A warm and fuzzy party:  Host an outdoor bonfire in a neighbor's yard or community area. Serve warm drinks like hot chocolate, tea, and coffee, and make s'mores. Have each guest bring blankets, coats, warm sweaters, shoes and non-perishable foods. Donate the goods to a local homeless shelter or food shelter. If you send free invitations through Punchbowl, you can also use the Contributions feature to allow people who can't make it to the event participate. 
  • Ski for a cause: Instead of running a marathon or walking a long distance, organize a charitable cross-country race either at local ski area or at a state park. This can run just like any other fundraiser: everyone signs up, raises a certain amount of money, and rallies on the big day to do the distance. Serve refreshments at the end and make sure to take lots of pictures of this fun winter fundraiser theme.
  • Throw a winter carnival: Make it an old-fashioned night out, complete with carnival games, dunk-tanks, freshly popped popcorn, dancing, and bingo. This can be hosted at a church, a community center or a local YMCA. Charge for entry and games. All the money collected can be used to make a sizeable donation to a worthy cause. You could even partner with a local charity and host the event together.

There really is no shortage of winter fundraiser ideas when you use your imagination and collaborate with friends. Winter parties with a purpose give everyone a little something to look forward to and keep the good spirit going well past the holidays.

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