6th Birthday Party Ideas

Planning a 6th birthday party for your son or daughter? Plan with the help of some terrific ideas below and the party will be unforgettable! Below are four easy steps to help get you through the party planning process.

  • Pick a Theme: Choose a 6th birthday party theme to make the party unique and more enjoyable. To decide on a theme, talk to your child about their interests and ideas that they have for a themed birthday party. If the birthday party is a surprise, here are some theme ideas for their party:
    • Girls’ Themes: Some great themes and 6th birthday party ideas for girls are fairy princess, butterflies, Hannah Montana, American Girl dolls, Tinkerbell, tea parties or ballet party.
    • Boys’ Themes: If you need 6th birthday party ideas for boys, some terrific themes are dinosaurs, firefighters, Spiderman, Star Wars, sports or robots.
  • 6th Birthday Invitations: After you have a theme in mind, the next step in planning the party is to design and send out the invites. Incorporate the theme into your 6th birthday invitation wording and design. Send the invites 3-4 weeks before the party so everyone has time to plan.
  • Make Creative Decorations: Decorations are an essential part of a themed 6th birthday party and one of the best ways to incorporate the theme! For example, if your birthday party theme is “bubbles,” decorate the room for the party with bubble decorations. One way to do it is to use a large piece of white paper and ask your child to blow colorful bubbles right onto the paper. Once the bubbles land on the paper and pop, it will be a fantastic piece of artwork! Once everything has fully dried, you can now use the colorful paper to make a ‘Happy 6th Birthday’ banner to hang at the big event.
  • Choose Games/Activities: Plan a few games or activities to keep the kids entertained throughout the party. Some fun but simple game ideas are hide and seek, duck duck goose, pin the tail on the donkey, or arts and craft projects. If you do plan a game with prizes, make sure that every child receives something to avoid tears and tantrums. Here are some more 6th birthday party ideas for games:
    • Spoon Race: Split the kids up into two teams. Give each of the teams a cotton ball and a spoon. Place a cotton ball on a spoon and have each member of the teams race to a designated point and then come back to give the spoon to the next person to race. The team that finishes first wins the game.
    • Treasure Hunt: A scavenger hunt is a fun game to play at the birthday party. Before the kids arrive, hide different treasures and clues that the kids can find using a treasure map. Hide a giant treasure chest filled with candy for the final clue. Give each of the kids a small plastic bag that they can use to fill up with the candy to take home as a party favor.

It's often hard to believe that your little one is already six, so take time to relax, enjoy and tell them how proud you are of them!

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