8th Birthday Party Ideas

Need some 8th birthday party ideas? The best way to start the party planning process is to brainstorm themes that reflect your child’s personality, hobbies and interests. Once you have picked a birthday party theme, the rest of your party planning will be easy. Here are some fun and unique 8th birthday party ideas for boys and girls.

8th birthday ideas for boys:

  • Sports Themed Party: Many boys love being active and playing their favorite sport. Pick your boy’s favorite sport and showcase it as the theme for their birthday. For example, if they love baseball, incorporate baseball and their favorite baseball team colors into the invitations, party decorations and birthday cake. Consider hosting the party outside at a local baseball field so that the kids can play a game during the celebration or take them all to a pro or semi-pro baseball game.
  • Laser Tag Party: This party theme is perfect for a birthday boy that loves competition. Host the party at a local laser tag site for an afternoon of laser tag and fun. After the game, celebrate on-site or at your house with pizza, birthday cake and presents.
  • Superhero Party: What boy doesn’t want to be a superhero? This theme can make your 8th birthday party memorable and unique by making it a costume party. Invite all of the guests to come to the party dressed as their favorite superhero. Have lots of superhero themed party decorations and games to make it even more festive. To complete this party theme, have an over-the-top, life-size superhero themed birthday cake.
  • Karate Party: Whether the birthday boy practices karate regularly or just loves the idea, a karate themed birthday party will be a hit. Host the party at a local karate studio and reserve a private instructor to teach everyone basic karate moves. After everyone practices his or her kicks and punches, bring the celebration back to your house for food, presents and birthday cake. 

8th birthday ideas for girls:

  • Sleepover Party: This is the age when girls are old enough to host a sleepover. Host a sleepover themed birthday party at your house and provide the girls with lots of snacks, movies and games to play all night long. Create a festive birthday themed sleeping area for the girls with balloons, streamers, funky lights and birthday party supplies. Make sure to include on your invites that each girl should bring a sleeping bag and pillow. Try to keep the guest list small because you will be responsible for the girls the entire night.
  • Roller Skating Party: If the birthday girl loves to be active, then a roller skating birthday party is perfect. Host the party at a local skating center where they accommodate birthday parties and will give the group a discount on skate rentals. Let the birthday girl and her guests roller skate for the afternoon and take a break halfway through the skating for pizza, birthday cake and presents.

Birthday Party Ideas - Roller Skating Party

  • Jewelry Party: A jewelry making party is a fun and unique birthday party theme that lets everyone be creative. Host this party at your house and make sure you buy all the necessary beading supplies to make bracelets, necklaces and earrings in advance. Incorporate the jewelry theme into your 8th birthday party invitations, decorations and birthday cake. The jewelry made at the party serves as the perfect party favor as well. A tip for this idea is to have at least two adults supervising to help with the jewelry making and the other party related activities.
  • Cookie Decorating Party: Everyone loves cookies, which is why this is the perfect party idea for any 8 year old. Make the cookie dough and purchase the cookie decorating supplies in advance. Try to get lots of fun colored frostings, sprinkles and other decorations. Give each guest their own apron to wear during the party, which can double as a party favor. Spend the party cutting out cookie shapes, baking them and then decorating. The best part about this party idea is the delicious cookies everyone gets to eat at the end.
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