Barney Birthday Party

Does a child you know adore Barney? If so, you'll need some tips for how to plan a Barney birthday party! A Barney party is perfect for young boys and girls because it incorporates the joy, happiness, and fun that is Barney. Here are a few easy to follow Barney party ideas to help you plan the perfect Barney theme party.

Barney birthday party ideas:

  • Decorations: Create a Barney inspired playroom using fun and festive Barney party decorations. To start, tie purple and green balloons around the room, at the party entrance and on the mailbox. Hang purple, green, and yellow streamers from the ceiling and cover the party table with a purple table cover and accent with green place settings. For centerpieces, filled large clear candy jars with purple and green M&M’s and gum drops. Top each jar with a stuffed Barney doll. Hang Barney and Friends posters or cardboard cutouts to complete your Barney theme party space.
  • Cake & Dessert: There are endless Barney themed dessert ideas you can make for Barney birthday parties. In addition to a Barney birthday cake, you can also have treats such as Barney cupcakes and cookies. Bake vanilla cupcakes and top with purple and green frosting. Decorate the top of each cupcake with Barney cake toppers. For cookies, bake sugar cookies in fun shapes like hearts, stars, and moons. Decorate each cookie with purple frosting and fun Barney phrases like "stu-u-u-pendous," "super-de-duper," "I love you," and "tee-rific."
  • Party Games: A kid’s birthday party isn’t complete without playing a few games. Think of one or two Barney inspired games for the kids to play during the party. An idea for an easy Barney activity is to have a sing-a-long. Sing all of the popular songs from the show including, “I Love You” and “Please and Thank You.” Another game to play is Barney’s imagination castle. Set up a cardboard castle filled with different toys. Let the kids use their imagination and have fun in the castle just like Barney does.
  • Party Favors: To complete the birthday celebration hand out Barney party favors. Fill party bags with crayons, markers and paints along with a Barney coloring book. This is a great gift for kids because it promotes creativity and imagination, just like Barney!

Show the kids just how much YOU love them by throwing a fun and festive Barney birthday party!

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