Butterfly Birthday Party

Use a graceful butterfly birthday theme to celebrate your little one’s special day. Make the day colorful – just like the colors on a butterfly. Make the butterfly themed birthday party come to life and purchase multiple pairs of butterfly wings to transform the children into butterflies for the day!

Butterfly Birthday Party


Get your planning off to the right start with these delightful butterfly birthday party ideas:

  • Venue: Hold the butterfly birthday party at a local butterfly sanctuary, museum or in the comfort of your own home. Research local butterfly sanctuaries in your area or check for an exhibit at your local science museum. For another idea, throw the party at home, and open up the backyard to the kids. Research stores that sell butterflies or put out butterfly nectar to attract them. Release the butterflies into the backyard as the children watch in awe!
  • Invitations: Plan your event on Punchbowl to access a beautiful collection of free kids birthday invitations. Select the perfect design to match your theme, personalize it with the details of the party, and easily manage your guest list and RSVPs.
  • Decorations: Scatter butterfly birthday decorations throughout the birthday venue or your home. Use butterfly themed plates, cups, napkins and tablecloths. Purchase butterfly decorations at your local party store or make beautiful origami butterflies and hang them from the ceiling and scatter them on the tables. Attach a set of butterfly wings to the back of the birthday girl or boy’s chair during “cake eating” and “present opening” time. Purchase butterfly mylar balloons and hang them throughout the party.   
  • Cake: Purchase a butterfly birthday cake at your local bakery or make one yourself. Visit a party store, and buy a butterfly cake mold. Once cool, decorate the cake with different color frosting, such as red, purple, blue and yellow. Follow the designs and indentations from the cake mold. Cut out circles from fondant frosting and add shapes to decorate the cake.
  • Favors: Consider fun butterfly party favors to entertain the children. Arrange a gift bag with a kit for origami butterflies and add some butterfly stickers and stamps. Send each child home with his or her own one-of-a-kind butterfly for the butterfly party favors. For another idea, have each child decorate butterfly wings. Supply glitter and glue to help them create fancy designs.
Enjoy the day with the birthday girl or boy, family and friends. Be sure to keep a close eye on all the kids so they don’t fly away!
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