Cinderella Themed Bridal Shower

A Cinderella themed bridal shower is elegant and fun for any Disney Princess fan. This is especially true if the couple has a relationship milestone that involves Disney (engagement, wedding, or honeymoon), or if the bride has always dreamed of a perfect Cinderella wedding. Here are some ideas for planning a perfectly royal Cinderella bridal shower:

Invitation: Plan your Cinderella bridal shower, and start with Punchbowl’s magical online Invitation. Customize this beautiful design with the guest of honor’s name, location, time, date, and more.  
Decorations: Pastel blues and purples, along with sparkly silver, should be the colors of choice for the shower. Use these colors for banners, table clothes, plates, napkins, utensils, streamers and more. For added effect, incorporate glitter-coated pumpkins, silver slippers, and Cinderella’s carriage into your decorations. You can also make a carved pumpkin carriage centerpiece or blue bird centerpiece for a delightful Cinderella touch. Add adorable fake mice (found at most craft stores) to your decorations to delight guests with a touch of whimsy!

Menu: Serve a decadent pumpkin soup, sandwiches and other finger-food snacks. For dessert, a cake shaped as Cinderella’s glass slippers or a magical carriage would add a beautiful touch to your bridal shower. You could also  serve homemade ball gown cookies or candy mouse treats! For an even easier treat, frost cupcakes in pink, purple, or blue or top with whimsical decorations found at any craft store. 
Favors: Fun Cinderella party favors include pumpkin candles, mini sewing kits, and decorative glass slippers. You could also find hollow glass slippers and fill them with candies as an impressive favor for your guests.

Games: Here are a few princess-themed games that will keep your guests entertained throughout the bridal shower:
  • The Clock Strikes Midnight: Set a timer for two minutes, and every time the timer goes off, the person who’s gift the bride is opening receives a prize.! Great prize ideas include candles, bath soaps, or lotion.
  • Guess the Princess: As each guest enters the shower, tape the name of a Disney princess to her back. Each guest has to guess the name of the princess by asking other guests “Yes” or “No” questions. She must figure out which princess they are without anyone else giving away hints! This is a perfect game to allow guests to mingle and get to know each other before the party gets going.
  • Purse Game: In this game, one person is in charge of a pre-made list of items a woman may have in her purse. Each one is called out, and guests must raise their hand and show the item if it’s in their purse. Fun items to list are safety pin, lipstick, child’s photo, and so on. The guest with the most items gets a prize
Thank You Cards: After the celebration, send Cinderella Thank You cards to let guests know how much you appreciate them attending. Personalize the cards with a thoughtful message and send via text or email in minutes.

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