Clown Birthday Party

If your kid is the class clown and does anything for a laugh, then a clown birthday party is the perfect theme for their next birthday celebration. Clowns always guarantee big laughs and lots of fun for children, which make them a great addition to any party. Check out some ideas on how to throw your child a successful clown birthday:

  • Invitations: Send your guests clown-inspired digital invitations that incorporate your theme. Punchbowl offers great designs that allow you to pick vibrant color schemes to accent the clown theme. Use wording on your invitation like, “We’re not clowning around, (NAME) is turning (AGE)!” or “Come clown around at (NAME) birthday celebration!”
  • Decorations: For your clown party decorations, use bright colors and lots of balloons. Whether your party is inside or outside, place bunches of primary-colored balloons around the space with ribbon. Use red, blue, and yellow streamers to make your space look even more festive. Cover the tables with either red or blue tablecloths and use yellow flatware, plates and cups. Other clown birthday party supplies that can add to your décor are noisemakers, party hats, clown noses and whoopee cushions.
  • Food & Beverages: Your party food should be just as fun, goofy and carefree as your theme. Serve classic carnival treats and circus munchies at the party. Corndogs, pigs-in-a-blanket, pizza, popcorn and soft pretzels will hit the spot. Display three different colors of fruit punch; bright red strawberry punch, blue raspberry punch and yellow lemon-lime punch.
  • Dessert: Clown birthday cakes and cupcakes are fun and easy to make. Bake a yellow sheet cake or cupcakes and top with vanilla frosting. Use colored M&M’s for eyes, red icing for the mouth, gumdrops for the nose and the end of an ice cream cone for the hat. You can also get the kids involved by having them decorate their own clown cupcakes at the party.
  • Activity #1: For an activity, play "Pin the Nose on the Clown." Buy a clown cut-out and paste it on the wall. Cut out red circles from construction paper for the noses and place a piece of double-sided tape to the back. Let everyone take turns being blindfolded to place the nose on the clown. The closest wins!
  • Activity #2: Another classic birthday party game is hitting a piñata. Buy a themed piñata if available at your local party store and fill it will lots of candy and treats. Let everyone have a turn at hitting the piñata until it bursts. The candy also serves as the perfect party favor for everyone to take home at the end of the celebration.

Make your little clown's birthday a day to remember by surrounding him or her with friends, good food and lots of fun activities.

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