Creative Thanksgiving Place Cards

Impress guests with your creativity and make Thanksgiving place cards. Convince your fellow family members, especially the kids, to learn how to make Thanksgiving place cards. Plan a fun place card craft and show your appreciation for your family’s assistance at the same time!

Place a napkin, silverware, dried flowers and a piece of slate on each plate. Write the name of each guest with colored chalk.

More Thanksgiving place card ideas:

  • Colorful Crayon Creation: Gather lots of old, broken crayons and two sheets of wax paper (8 ½ x 11). Use a vegetable peeler or dull knife to peel off pieces of crayons in a variety of colors or stick to fall colors such as red, orange, brown and yellow. Place one piece of wax paper on an ironing board and sprinkle the crayon peels on the top of the paper, trying to cover as much of the wax paper as possible. Place the second piece of wax paper over the first piece and use an iron to smooth over the top wax paper, which will melt the crayon peels. Once cool, carefully cut out place cards and glue fall ribbon around the edges for a seal. Use black permanent marker to write the name of each guest.
  • Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria: Pay tribute to Christopher Columbus' three ships that sailed to the New World. Purchase play dough or clay and cardstock from your local arts and crafts store. Choose colorful materials that complement the fall theme. Also purchase some walnuts with shells, and toothpicks. Type or write the names of your guests on either the right or left hand side of the cardstock. Fold in half, with the names visible on the front. Cut out strips of paper with the names, and glue them to the tops of the toothpicks. Trim the name tags to remove excess paper. Next, take half of a walnut and press the play dough into it. Stick the toothpicks with name tags inside of the shells. The Thanksgiving place card holders resemble the look of a ship, similar to the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria!
  • Apples, Pumpkins and Squash: Visit your local grocery store and purchase apples, pumpkins, or squash. The smaller the size, the better. Next, write the names of your guests on standard place cards. Take advantage of the opportunity to add a unique touch and decorate the place cards with glitter, sequins, or stickers, as Thanksgiving place card crafts. Cut small slits in the tops of the apples, pumpkins, or squash to create place card holders. Put the place cards inside.

Make the place card activity a fun and creative craft for all to enjoy. Simultaneously spend quality time with your family and bond with the kids!

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