Despicable Me Birthday

Plan a Despicable Me party for the little one who is mesmerized by Gru and his plan to steal the Earth’s moon. Gather Despicable Me party supplies such as activity props, decorations, cake ingredients and favors.

Here’s everything you need to know to plan a fabulous Despicable Me birthday party:

  • Activities: Plan activities for the Despicable Me birthday party, such as the option for the kids to walk in moon shoes. Another game to consider is the Annoying Sound game. Have the kids line up next to each other, and ask them, one by one, to make their most annoying sounds. Invite a few adults to be the judges and determine who wins a prize for the most annoying sound.
  • Decorations: Despicable Me decorations are a great way to liven up a birthday party. Hang up a Despicable Me birthday party banner, yellow, black and blue latex balloons and blown-up Despicable Me movie tickets. Ask one of the adults at the party to dress up as a Minion. The necessary supplies include yellow face paint, yellow hair spray, a pair of circular shaped glasses, a yellow shirt, blue overalls, black gloves and black shoes. The Minion will give the kids a reason to smile, and the adults a good laugh!
  • Cake: In place of a Despicable Me birthday cake, make Despicable Me themed Minion Twinkies. Gather supplies, which include small pieces of cardboard, wax paper,Twinkies, vanilla frosting, blue food coloring, white Smarties, sour gummy worms, black licorice and icing in red, white and black. The first step is to cut small pieces of cardboard (a little larger than the size of a Twinkie), and cover them with wax paper and cut enough for each Minion. Make the arms and legs of the Minions and cut off the yellow and blue portions of the worms. Use blue worms for the Minion legs and yellow gummy worms for the arms. Attach the arms and legs with white frosting. Mix blue food coloring with white frosting and use it to create overalls on the Twinkies. Use two dabs of white frosting for eyes and place two white Smarties on top of the frosting. Use a frosting tip to outline the Smarties with black frosting and draw black lines on both the right and left sides to make them look like glasses. Add buttons on the overalls, eyeballs on the glasses, hair and a mouth. Use red frosting for a tongue. Cut small pieces of black Licorice for the hands and feet. Your Minion is complete!
  • Favors: Prepare Despicable Me goody bags for the children that attend the birthday party. Despicable Me party favors include puzzles, a bouncy ball that looks like a moon, the Despicable Me movie soundtrack, tattoos and stickers all in a Despicable Me goody bag. Pass a balloon out to each child when they leave the party too.
Plan the party based on the age group of the children, number of guests and preferences of the birthday boy or girl. A Despicable Me birthday party is a great way to be creative and celebrate your little one at the same time!
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