Epic DC Super Hero Party Ideas

Put the “super” into a superhero party with your favorite DC Super Heroes: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Blue Beetle, and more. Start your planning with these fabulous DC superhero birthday invitations and party ideas.
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Batman Birthday Party

To kick things off, send online Batman invitations to help set the stage for your party. Customize your favorite invitation with important event details, send by text or email, and easily gather RSVPs online. Next, decorate your space with the Caped Crusader’s main colors: gray, black or dark blue, and yellow. If you happen to have bat decorations leftover from Halloween, hang those from the ceiling with a clear fishing line. Finally, have plenty of Batman masks and capes on hand so kids can really get into character. 

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Tie Up the Villain Game
Divide party guests into two teams. Get two volunteers to pretend to be either the Joker or the Riddler. Give the first team green streamers to wrap the Riddler up as much as they can in two minutes. The other team will get purple streamers to wrap up the Joker in the same amount of time. The team’s villain that breaks free first after two minutes loses!

Need more inspiration? Check out these additional Batman birthday party ideas.

Superman Birthday Party

Send your Superman birthday invitations from any digital device and decorate your space with the Man of Steel’s blue, red, and yellow colors. Put a spin on typical party food with fun labels: provide Hero sub sandwiches, Lex Luther lemonade, Clark Kent carrot sticks, and Kryptonite Krispies (simply use green dye when making Rice Krispie Treats!). Serve multi-colored Superman cupcakes for a sweet dessert. 

Kryptonite Hot Potato
This game is super easy and super fun. Get a green glow stick to serve as kryptonite and gather everyone in a circle. Play the Superman movie theme song and have guests pass the kryptonite along. When you randomly stop the music, the person holding the kryptonite is out. Continue the game until one player is left and crowned the winner.  

Wonder Woman Birthday Party

Personalize your favorite Wonder Woman birthday invitation and send by text or email in minutes. Decorate your space with red, blue, and gold balloons and streamers. When it comes to food, use Wonder Woman's star-spangled outfit for inspiration. Use star-shaped cookie cutters to make bite- sized deli sandwiches and star-shaped Wonder Woman watermelon slices. Place the watermelon in a bowl with blueberries and mini marshmallows for a patriotic and yummy snack. For dessert, check out this gorgeous Wonder Woman Funfetti cake recipe. 

Wonder Woman Lasso Toss 
For this game, place color printouts of Wonder Woman villains (Cheetah, God of War Ares, etc.) and stick them to sports cones. Place the cones a few feet apart and have guests use yellow hula hoops to serve as Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth. Whichever guest lassos the most villains wins!

The Flash Birthday Party

Send The Flash birthday invitations for a speedy way to organize your party. Incorporate red and yellow throughout your space along with plenty of lightning bolts. Keep the red and yellow color scheme going with your food: serve strawberries and pineapple, pigs in a blanket with ketchup and mustard, and grilled cheese sticks with tomato soup.  

Flash Dash
No Flash party would be complete without running! Put a fun spin on a traditional relay race: set up an obstacle course where guests can weave between cones,  go through hula hoops, jump over pool noodles, and maneuver around any other items you have handy! 

Aquaman Birthday Party

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Once you've emailed or texted your Aquaman birthday invitations, purchase decorations in Aquaman’s green and gold (or orange). Alternatively, you could use blues and greens along with seashells, starfish, fishing net, and other oceanic elements for an under-the-sea vibe. For snacks, serve plenty of Goldfish,  chips and Seaweed Dip (spinach and artichoke dip), and Shark Bait Popcorn.

Water Balloon Battle
Aquaman’s ability to control and manipulate water will come in handy for this water balloon game. To start, print and laminate pictures of Aquaman’s nemeses Black Manta and Ocean Master, then tape them to a fence or the side of your home. Have guests line up to take aim, launch their balloons, and tally up points each time the targets are hit. Note: no points are given if the balloon doesn’t break!

Blue Beetle Birthday Party

After you’ve sent your Blue Beetle invitations, it's time to think about decorations and food (think blue!). Snacks and drinks can include blueberries, Concord grapes, blue corn chips or Takis, and blue lemonade (simply combine blue fruit punch, lemonade, and Sprite). For dessert, check out these Blue Beetle cupcakes for inspiration.

Energy Beam Dodgeball
Let your little Blue Beetles use their powerful energy blasts to battle their enemies. Divide guests into two teams and give them blue dodgeballs for an epic fight to the finish.  

Feeling strong and empowered to plan your DC Superhero party? Use these invitations and ideas for an unforgettable celebration your birthday kid will love. 

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