Host the Perfect Housewarming to Make Your House Feel Like Home

You've just moved. Whether it's your first home or your forever family home, you'll want to show your pride in your new abode by hosting friends, family, and new neighbors to check it out. Why not host a housewarming party! 

Here are some helpful hints for hosting the perfect housewarming party to help make your house feel like home!

Get the House Ready for Guests

Maybe you're still unpacking a few boxes, or finishing up some painting or renovating. That's okay! Your house doesn't have to be absolutely perfect and "finished" before you can invite the people you care about to come and check it out. You need to make sure that it is cleaned, furnished, and tidy enough to find everything you need to be a good host. You don't want to be scrambling and rummaging through boxes of unpacked kitchenware to find a corkscrew when your guests hand you a bottle of wine. Get the house to the point where you have enough seating or lounging space for the guests you invite to be comfortable, and then start your party planning!

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Send the Invitations! 

Once the house is ready and you know approximately how many guests you can accommodate, it's time to start preparing the invitations. This is where some key decision-making has to take place:

1. Consider What Kind of Party You Want to Have!
There are many, many types of housewarming party and you need to choose the one that best suits your space and your personality. For those of you who have moved a few times and are getting settled into your grown-up forever home, an hors d'oeuvres and cocktails type of open house may be just the thing. Depending on the season, and your outdoor space, you may opt for an outdoor cook-out once everyone has taken a look around the inside of the house. It's your party, choose the type of event that best matches you.

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2. Consider your Guest List
This is going to depend on the style of party you're having as well as the space you've moved into. If you've just moved off-campus into your first apartment, your guest list will likely consist of friends, and perhaps roommates and their friends. If you're moving into your first home with a significant other, you'll likely want to surround yourselves with your supportive family members. And if this is the forever home, your guests might include colleagues, neighbors, parents from your kids' teams, etc.

3. Consider Gifts
In many cases, guests will feel obligated to bring a gift to your housewarming party. If you're in a situation where housewarming gifts are both needed and much appreciated, then don't be scared to include information on your Housewarming Gift Registry in your Invitations. If you just want the company of your guests, don't hesitate to include a note to discourage gifting.

4. Consider the Menu
The menu for your party will go hand-in-hand with the kind of party you're having. If you're throwing a cook-out, then foods for the grill, fresh salads, cold beers, and ice cream are all great ideas. If you're hosting something indoors, try to stick to something that'll be pretty hands-off for you when you're busy with your guests. A Taco Buffet or a Sandwich Bar are really great, easy options. If grazing is on the menu, then get some charcuterie boards made up ahead of time and get ready to pour some drinks. Finally, if your kitchen isn't quite ready for cooking a meal, perhaps you'd be better to host a potluck! 

When you've figured out what kind of party you're hosting and who to invite, it's time to send out the invitations. Try to get them into the hands of your guests at least 2 weeks before the party, so that you have plenty of time to confirm your menu, etc. Here are some of our favorite online invitations that you can send out today! 

Some of our more classic designs: 

Some seasonal themes - for a summer or holiday housewarming: 

Some "Stock the Bar" invitations, perfect for a more casual cocktail party: 

Housewarming Gifts

If you've moved into your first new home - either on your own or with your significant other - chances are, you can still use some items to help you get comfortable and settled in. This is where it may be appropriate to include information on a Housewarming Gift Registry with your invitations. Retailers like Target, Wayfair, and Bed, Bath and Beyond provide convenient and helpful gift registries that you can set up with minimal effort. Some guests will really appreciate having a list to work from, to ensure that the gift that they bring will be needed and appreciated. (Note - if you're recently married and were showered with gifts during the pre-wedding and wedding celebrations, this may not be the best time to include a Housewarming Gift Registry.)

Here are some great Housewarming Gift Ideas that you may want to add to your list:

Kitchen Linens - from dishcloths to fancy napkins, kitchen linens may not be the first thing you think of when you're moving into your first home, but they're greatly appreciated.

Plants or Gardening Supplies - perhaps you're one of those with a green thumb whose house will feel like home when you've got a variety of plants growing. This idea can extend to the outdoors, too. If it's the first time you'll have garden space, then garden tools, gloves, planters, etc. are great gardening gift ideas.

Bar Ware - glasses, corkscrews, stemware, and even an ice bucket will make entertaining a breeze.

Kitchen Storage - Air-tight storage containers for pantry items can't be overlooked. They'll help you stay organized and well-equipped.

Utensils - apart from your standard daily cutlery, think about those items that you'll use less often like an ice cream scoop, salad tongs, etc. These make great gifts.

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Grilling Equipment - Everything from BBQ utensils to a grilling apron and outdoor serving platters are perfect items for your registry.

Bath Accessories - Items like bath linens, mats, scented soaps, a storage caddy, and over-the-door hooks can help your bathroom feel like an oasis.

Cook or Bakeware - Living on your own means starting fresh without Mom's kitchen full of cookware and bakeware. A good starter set of pans, mixing bowls, measuring cups and spoons, and whisks or electric mixers can really help to get you started.

Welcome Mat - A fun or colorful mat for the entrance can be a great gift.

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Gifts for Pets - If you've moved your pets into a new home, it's a great time to upgrade their food dishes to suit the new space, get them a new bed, 

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