How to Plan a Shrek Party

Throw a Shrek party for the little girl or boy who loves Princess Fiona, Shrek, Donkey and Puss in Boots. Consider a Shrek swamp theme, Shrek Royal Castle theme or both for the Shrek birthday party. Shrek birthday party ideas include invitations, decorations, Shrek cakes and favors. Check out these Shrek party ideas to get started with planning:

  • Invitations: Email Shrek party invitations to family and friends to invite them to the Shrek birthday party. Once you’ve selected the invitation from Punchbowl, add all the necessary information and watch the RSVPs roll in!
  • Decorations: Shrek party decorations will bring the theme to live. Purchase Shrek themed plates and napkins to serve the cake. Set up two separate tables at the party and decorate one table as the Swamp table and the other table as the Royal Castle. This will help transform your space and bring people into Shrek’s wonderful world.
  • Cake: Make an impressive Shrek birthday cake for this special occasion. You can include a “Garlic” carriage, grass, trees and characters from the movie. Bake a rectangular cake, let the cake cool and plan the other cake details. Create the carriage with a large cupcake. Frost the entire cupcake in white frosting and pile the frosting on the top to create a pointed tip. Mark the spot for the carriage with an edible dirt platform. Frost a graham cracker with chocolate frosting, sprinkle graham cracker crumbs on top and place it towards the front of the cake. Place the carriage over the dirt platform, and elevate it with four popsicle sticks. Make the wheels for the carriage with rice crispy treat mixture and cover them with white fondant frosting. Use a grass frosting tip to create green grass on the remainder of the cake. Make trees with marshmallows, pretzel rods and green frosting. Place a dab of frosting on the tip of each pretzel rod and stick a marshmallow on top. Cover the marshmallows with green grass frosting to make the trees! (Place the trees in the cake on the day of the party in order to avoid soggy pretzel rods). For a finishing touch, arrange characters on the cake from both the Swamp and the Royal Castle. Popular characters include Shrek, Princess Fiona, Donkey and Puss in Boots.
  • Favors: Hand out Shrek party favors to the kids at the conclusion of the birthday party. Purchase either Shrek themed goody bags, or neon green bags with, each child’s name on the front. Include green slime (found at your local toy store), Shrek puzzles, Shrek Yo-yos and Shrek ears on a headband.

Other ideas for your Shrek birthday are to have the kids dress up as characters from the movie and take turns doing their best impressions of the characters. They can even act out their favorite scenes from the movie. Of course, you can also have the movie running in the background or do a screening of the most recent Shrek movie as some of the kids may not have seen it.

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