Ideas for a 3rd Birthday Party

A 3rd birthday party is a fun and exciting event for friends and family members! Three-year-olds are full of energy, curiosity and usually have a lot to say. Be sure to snap plenty of pictures and take home videos during the birthday party so you will be able to look back and remember the special day. Learn how to make the celebration go smoothly with these 3rd birthday party ideas:

  • Invitations: There are many different ways to make 3rd birthday invitation wording unique. If there is a theme for the party, try to think of creative ways that you can integrate that into the invitation design and wording. For example, if the party has an animal theme, design the invitations to look like a jungle or forest. Invitation wording ideas:
    • “Luke is turning three, it’s time to celebrate. We’re lighting all the candles, don’t be late! For this is a special day and we’re going to sing, Happy birthday to the Jungle King!”
    • “Hop on over to our pad, it’s Max's 3rd birthday party!”
    • “Join us for a great safari birthday adventure party for Sarah’s 3rd birthday!”
  • Location: Hosting in your home is often the easiest and most affordable place for a 3rd birthday party. Your son or daughter is familiar with the location, you will have plenty of toys and snacks on hand in case they are fussy and you don’t have to worry about forgetting something at home that you need for the event. If you want a more unique experience for your little one, rent out a local venue or set up the party at a nearby park.
  • Activities: There are lots of fun and exciting 3rd birthday party games for the toddlers to do at the party. Here are a few ideas to keep everyone entertained:
    • Dress-up: Most three-year-olds love playing dress-up. Put out a box of dress-up clothes and accessories for them to experiment with. Purses, hats, scarves and jewelry are all great things to put into the box.
    • Finger painting: Create homemade finger paints by mixing two tablespoons of sugar, 1/3 cup cornstarch and two cups of cool water in a small pan. Place over low heat for five minutes or until it becomes a smooth gel. Once it has cooled, add ¼ cup of clear dishwashing liquid. Next, divide the mixture into separate containers and add a variety of food coloring to each container. At the birthday party, put down pieces of newspaper on the carpet or table to protect surfaces. Unroll white paper and let the toddlers create their masterpieces!

A 3rd birthday is certainly a day to remember and your three-year-old will enjoy every second of it!

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