Old-fashioned Block Party

Remember the days when kids played outside and everyone knew their neighbors? Those were the days! If you're lucky enough to live in a neighborhood where you do know your neighbors -- or need an excuse to get out and meet them -- get together this spring/summer and plan a neighborhood block party.

Here are some guidelines for getting started with your block party: 

1. Build interest.

Discuss block party ideas with the neighbors to see who's interested. If you're comfortable taking the lead to organize it, you're more likely to get people to volunteer to help you than if you ask someone else to organize it. 

2. Have a meeting.

You might want to give some thought ahead of time as to who could do what tasks. For example, if Ellen at #11 is a really great cook, you might want to suggest that she coordinates the food/potluck. If Bill at #25 works for the town, ask him to look into permits needed. Also determine how big the block party will be -- How far will it extend? How much is reasonable to ask everyone to contribute? Other items will include invitations, set-up, entertainment, finances, and clean-up. 

3. Obtain the appropriate permints.

You may want to close off a portion of your street. Talk to town officials to find out if that's possible, if you need a permit, how that affects traffic, etc. 

4. Send invitations.

Once the volunteers are hard at work on their respective tasks, it's time to send out a save the date or e invitations. Include what it is, who's invited/included (can neighbors bring guests?), and how much money is needed from each person. You can also include the potluck checklist along with your online invitation which makes coordinating the block party food much, much easier.                     

5. Check-in with volunteers.

As you near the date of your block party, check in with volunteers to make sure everything is coming along. Do you have everything in place for your block party? 

6. Block party day.

Celebrate, get to know your neighbors, and HAVE FUN!

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