Science Birthday Party

A science birthday party is an excellent theme for your son or daughter’s big day! Despite what kids might think, science can be fun and there are many ways you can prove it during a science themed birthday party.

First, consider your options for where to host the party. If you child is a science-lover, he or she may have a favorite place that also serves as a birthday venue. Some examples include your local science museum, planetarium, or arboretum.

You can also plan a science birthday party right in the comfort of your own home. Here are some science party ideas to get your planning off to the right start!

  • Invitations: Design your science birthday party invitations to look like a science experiment with pictures of beakers and test tubes. You can also write on the invites “Calling all scientists! You are invited to the science birthday party of the century!” or “Join us for a science birthday party extravaganza!” Another play on the science theme idea is to make the party a mad scientist birthday party! For these invitations, write something like: “You’re invited to Dr. Cooper’s laboratory to solve the mysteries in science!”
  • Decorations: There is so much inspiration from the science fields that you can use for a kids science birthday party. Just think back to high school chemistry as the source of inspiration for your science party decorations! Test tubes, jars, beakers can be used for a variety of things at the party. One idea is to fill them up with water and add a few drops of food coloring to each one. Then, place a small black light under the tubes to light up the different colors. Another creative use for the test tubes and beakers is to serve snacks and drinks. Fill beakers with solid colored items like red M&Ms or blue gumballs. The display will look nice before dessert when the kids can dive in for some candy concoctions!
  • Beaker Cake: A science birthday cake is an essential part of the birthday party! Stick with beaker theme to make a beaker cake. To do this, bake a cake in a rectangular pan following the directions on the box. Once the cake has cooled, cut out the shape of a beaker using a sharp knife. Then, frost the cake with vanilla icing. In a separate bowl, add a few drops of green icing and ice the bottom of the beaker to make it look like it is filled with a liquid. Next, outline the beaker using black gel or pipe black frosting around the shape of the beaker, adding fill-lines along one side of it.
  • Science Attire: When the kids arrive, give them each a lab coat and pair of plastic safety glasses to wear during the party. After all, who knows what could happen during an afternoon of experimentation?
  • Activity: A great activity to do at science birthday parties is of course a science experiment! One idea is to fill a bottle with oil and water. Then, tell the kids that you are going to add 6 drops of food coloring and let them guess what will happen. Add the food coloring to the bottle and shake it up. Next, add a seltzer tablet to the water bottle and ask them what will happen. The kids will be intrigued by the different things that happen in the bottles!
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