SpongeBob Birthday Party

Plan a fun-filled SpongeBob birthday party for the little boy or girl who can’t get enough of SpongeBob and his pals Patrick Star (pink sea star), Gary (pet snail), and Sandy Cheeks (squirrel). Incorporate Mr. Squarepants into all your party planning for a great celebration.

Make a splash with these SpongeBob party ideas:

  • Decorations: Decorate the birthday party with SpongeBob party decorations. Make sure there is a lot of bright yellow to create the right ambiance for the SpongeBob theme. Place yellow table cloths over the tables and purchase SpongeBob themed plates, napkins, and cups. Visit your local toy store and purchase large stuffed SpongeBob figures for your centerpieces. Tie yellow and blue latex balloons to SpongeBob’s hands. Place a squirrel (with a pink flower attached to her head) next to SpongeBob to represent Sandy Cheeks. Purchase mylar SpongeBob balloons from your local party store and surround them with yellow and blue latex balloons. Tie the balloons to chairs and banisters.
  • Cake: Purchase a SpongeBob birthday cake at your local bakery or make one yourself. First, bake two vanilla cakes in square pans. Once cool, spread vanilla frosting over the top of one cake and stack the other on top to create a layer cake. Place the layer cake on a cake platter and allow for approximately five inches of space on all sides. Make the cake resemble SpongeBob with just a few easy steps. Start with SpongeBob’s eyes and cover two Oreo cookies in white fondant frosting. Next, find a picture of SpongeBob online, print it, and cut out the mouth. You will use the cut-out as a stencil for the mouth on the cake. Create a few holes on the surface of the cake using a melon scooper. This will give you a nice sea sponge effect. Next, frost the top of the cake with yellow frosting, leaving a generous section bare at the bottom. Place the Oreo cookie eyes on SpongeBob and apply blue and black frosting for his eye balls. Add some eyelashes as well. Fill in the details for the mouth according to the stencil from the print-out of SpongeBob. Frost the remaining section of the cake with white (SpongeBob’s shirt) and blue (SpongeBob’s pants) frosting. Add the arms, hands, legs, and shoes with leftover yellow and black frosting. Voila! You have yourself a SpongeBob cake.
  • Favors: Pass out SpongeBob party favors at the end of the birthday party. Purchase SpongeBob goody bags from your local party store. Fill the goody bags with SpongeBob stickers, bracelet bands, activity books, and yo-yos. Hand out SpongeBob balloons to accompany the goody bags.

When the birthday celebration has come to a close, create an extra special surprise at the end of the party. Draw names at random and hand out the SpongeBob and Sandy Cheeks centerpieces! Enjoy your celebration under the sea!

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