Printable Oscars Bingo

Oscars night is a wonderful reason to gather together with family and friends. To make sure everyone is included in the fun, entertain your guests with Academy Awards party games and contests! One popular idea is to fill out Oscars ballots to see who can accurately predict the most winners. This is great for movie buffs, but if you're expecting a crowd, download and print our free 2024 Oscars Bingo. There are fifteen unique bingo cards featuring clues like "Winner admits forgetting people," "Someone cries," and lots of details that are specific to this year's ceremony!

Provide your guests with clipboards and pens to fill out their cards, and instruct them to cross off the boxes as the events of the night unfold. Whoever is first to get five boxes in a row, wins! Click on the image below to download Oscars Bingo for 2024. You can also entertain your party guests with a free Oscars Ballot that everyone can fill out. Enjoy the festivities!
2024_Oscars_Bingo_Cards_01.jpg 862.42 KB
Ready to plan your own party? Get started with one of our Oscars party invitations!
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